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Best gynaecologist in vasant kunj/ Gynecologist in vasant kunj 


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7 Jan 2021

Planning Pregnancy? Missed period? What Next? What your Doctor will do next? Why?

(First trimester upto 12 weeks , 3 months pregnacy)

 When you missed period and expecting pregnacy, Its time to visit to obstetrician.

Your doctor advise Ultrasound to locate pregnacy site with or without Beta Hcg blood test.

Q- Why?

To confirm that your pregnancy is in uterus, not at site where if it will continue ,can cause complications.

Q What is the need, if you are not having any symptoms?

Due to early diagnosis even if, it is at wrong place it is best manageable with medication. we can save Tubes, if it is in tube. Surgery if needed can be done with all preparation.

Q- You think you are not worried for this, then?

if it continued and not diagnosed at right time. In emergency, it can be life threatening, and need Emergency surgery, blood transfusion, ICU stay.

Next - your Pregnancy is located in womb. According to gestational age fetus can be seen at different level of development. 

Its important to check heartbeat. (with Ultrasound). It suggest fetus heart started pulsating, now and this can be your best experience. But it only can be seen after optimal growth of fetus.

Next- Booking - Basic blood investigation.

All investigation advised will tell your basic general condition of different systems and infections, which if not ok, can cause big effect over baby growth and your health.

Next - NT scan and biochemical marker

Your fetus developing due to continue cell division from one cell, medically known as Zygote (conception product). This screen test tell that during about some chromosomal genetical condition.

Q- How many Ultrasound, your Doctor can ask?

There can be need of two or three USG during first trimester. If no other complications like bleeding, leaking, pain.

1 Jan 2021

Pap's Smear - Screening test in normal women for cervical cancer 

 " Prevention is always  better then cure"

Pap's Smear is a test,  where your doctor collect cervical cells with collecting system and send it for examination. Pathologist examine that sample and if any changes are there in cell structure, it is reported.By doing Regular pap's Smear we can early identify the changes and can take necessary action.